Advice.... Decent BMX bike for 15yr old. Less than £200

Found 20th Nov 2011
Hi All

After getting my Son a BMX for Christmas. A decent(ish) one, as he wants to learn tricks etc...
Eldest Son had Mongoose when he was younger, but any ideas on other decent makes??
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you really need to get to your local bike shop

£200 won't buy a lot though, unless you perhaps choose last years model or maybe second hand - these types of bikes need to be strong so sometimes false economy trying to get a cheaper model which may just fall to bits or is too heavy to do anything with.
Diamondback great customer support. I broke one of their budget frames down some steps. They sent me their flag ship frame of that year. Still got it but I wouldn't sell for less than £500
According to my son...
1. We the People
2. Haro
3. Mongoose
4. Fit
5. Diamondback
6. Hoffmann

You probably wont get these sub £200 brand new, but I can't see why you can't get a good one from ebay within that price bracket.
Have you tried mafia bikes? Seem popular at the moment
well i was shocked when i went to evans told him i was after an 18 inch wheel diamondback or mongoos as they were the dogs when i was young but he says the are lower end now told united republic were the best but at 300 quid for a 7 yr old. if ya boy wants a to do stunts then he will need a good one
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