Advice.. Faint whistling sound in car!!!

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Found 5th Oct 2016
I bought bmw 520d 08 plate with 108k (fsh) mileage about a month ago.
Car is absolutely fine & pleasure to drive.

Unfortunately for the past few day's I've noticed a very Faint whistling sound coming when accelerator is pressed.
Is this a sign of turbo going?
Anyway I can find out if it's a turbo issue?
What are the costs of replacing turbo.. If it's the turbo.

Or am I just being paranoid... lol

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where is the whistling sound coming from front?

Are you sure the sound isn't just the turbo making a turbo sound?

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Sound from front but not exactly sure where from. I think it could be drivers side.. & not sure if it's just general turbo noise..
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if it only when you start the car could be the fan belt as it's getting cold so try to charge your battery

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Nope, it's not when I start the car. Deffo when I'm driving or accelerating

Could be the alternator belt. Any garage would sort that for a few quid

Check the intake pipes around the turbo haven't split or become dislodged, get someone to rev while you listen. U can spray air hoses with a weak washing up liquid and water spray mix in a bottle. Bubbles mean leaks. Start with basics before spending ££££s on a turbo.

Sounds fairly normal to me. It wil smoke bad if your turbo was gone and you would definitely notice the power loss

Best way to check if its boosting properly is get someone to rev it and put your hand on the turbo pipe it will swell up and go solid.

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Right I'll try above over the weekend, thanks all for your input

It will be the turbo , totally normal

does this happen between 1800rpm to 4000rpm? if so its just the turbo working.
if its a siren noise, then thats the turbo on its way out.
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does this happen between 1800rpm to 4000rpm? if so its just the turbo … does this happen between 1800rpm to 4000rpm? if so its just the turbo working.if its a siren noise, then thats the turbo on its way out.

what he said

Sounds like normal turbo - have you had a turbo car before?

Are you reasonably mechanical? You can pop off the hose and get access to the spindle to check for play quite easily. There really is nothing to a turbo - its a housing with a spindle and a pair of fans and a ring of vanes.
possible issues - bearings gone -> play in spindle, clogged vanes or failed actuator -> actuator won't move, hose or intercooler holed -> black smoke

Worst case - replacing a turbo on the 2.0d is easy, the engine bay is designed for 6 cylinder engines so there is loads of space to work. replacement 2nd hand turbo £200 (brand new turbo £800, rebuild £450), set of gaskets £20.
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Cheers for that info, I'm going to see how it is over the weekend.

check the back seat for potential stragglers.

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Ok, just checked whilst driving.. It's not making noise when pedal is pressed but it's when you let go of gas (whilst revs coming down) it's making the noise.

Had the same prob mines turned out to be the fan belt
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