Advice for a good priced PC build...

    Hi all,

    Am new to this site and would like to pick your brains. I am thinking about getting a new PC but do not have too much money to spend (around £500 mark).

    I was thinking about building this myself. I haven't done this before, but I consider myself a little technical as I've replaced HDD's, memory, graphics cards etc. I was hoping someone could help me piece together a decent machine from cheap (costing) parts on the net. I need help as to which ones are compatible and will do the job I require and also exactly what I need to create a gaming pc from scratch.

    I want to use it for internet (already have a wireless usb dongle so ok here), gaming (games like Call of duty 3, the new command and conquerer, Battlefield 2 and the new MS flight simulator, aswell as newer titles).

    Will also need a medium - fast dvd burner and good memory so i can run a good few amount of apps at the same time.

    I have an old IBM flat sceen monitor (don't even know the type off top of my head, am at work), so may need a new one. currently have an Pentium 4 pc with a 256mb graphics card and its struggling.

    I don't need an operating system as I can put this on myself.

    Appreciate any advice anyone has as i know this is asking a lot!!!



    Hi, welcome to HUKD ;-)

    Your best bet is to order it in bits from ebuyer taking advantage of the google-checkout discount.

    You’ll need a CPU (with fan), memory, graphics card, hard drive, DVD-RW, motherboard, case and power supply for a basic system.

    I've put together a list of bits which you could view as a starting point to work from...

    I’d recommend getting a Core 2 Duo (4300)for your CPU – should be £63.07 delivered…407

    For your memory I’d get the Kingston 2GB dual-channel kit that is £37.58 delivered…124

    If you want a new DirectX 10 graphics card with silent fan you could do worse than this MSI 8600GT with silent cooling for £75.07…985

    Get a WD 500GB HDD and a 20x DVD-RW on the same order for cheap shipping at £79.02 delivered…228,…856

    Then finally that leaves you with case, motherboard and power supply to buy. If you want a really classy, low noise case with good quality powersupply I recommend you get the Antec Sonata and then the Asus P5N-E 650i SLi motherboard on the same order, works out £128.10…082,…403
    Should come to about £383 total, but you could over £50 by getting a cheaper case, PSU and motherboard. As with all things you get what you pay for. You could also save money by getting a graphics card with a fan on it for example (about £8 cheaper for that model). You might like to get a better CPU or more memory for example, but I think the components I have listed are pretty balanced. The remainder of the budget might best used saving for a nice new 22" widescreen monitor...

    You might prefer to spend a bit more on your graphics card, if you want excellent gaming performance you might be better spending the extra on a Geforce 8800GTS 320MB card (will cost about £160 so quite a lot more!)

    Original Poster

    Blimey!! Very quick response! Thank you very much. Will have a look and see whats best for me. Cheers.

    Well, its mostly been posted before ;-)

    Basically I'd strongly recommend a Core 2 Duo (the quoted one or a faster model), the ram is a cert at its current price. If you want a 500GB HDD the HDD/DVD-RW order is probably worth making also. The motherboard, graphics card and case/psu I guess your personal choice and budget comes more into play, I'm a fan of silence myself...
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