Advice for anyone buying a PC between now and End Jan 2008.

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    You may or may not be aware that Intel are launching a new batch of processors in January 2008. These processors in many instances are direct replacements for the existing range of Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad processors but with three main advantages over the existing processors.

    1. The new processors are using a new 45nm manufacturing process. What this means to you the consumer is they'll usually run cooler and as a result have more overclocking capability. Now even if you say "I'll never overclock so it won't effect me" you're right...but the retailers and resellers and Intel know it'll effect their sales of the 'old' product so they will be looking to move as much of the existing product through before the new chips are launched. This could well mean heavy discounting immediately after Crimbo before the new processors are launched. Keep this in mind before buying any the end of January you may well find some real bargains.

    2. The new processors have higher cache built in, in many instances this doesn't make a huge difference but reviews of the QX9650 (new 45nm) against the QX6850 (old 65nm) show about a 3-12% speed improvement depending on what you're doing. In certain applications like converting videos the new processor has a better instruction set and shows substantial speed improvement.

    3. Finally the new processors seem to be substantially more energy efficient. In some instances the new QX9650 (which is a Quad core) have been shown to be even more energy efficient then existing Core 2 Duo (i.e. only Dual core) processors.

    All of these factors could well mean that in January the existing Intel Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad processors and machines they're based on will almost overnight become less in demand....and as a result it's almost certain prices will soften and discounts are possible. Of course Intel may deliberately limit supplies of the new processors for a while meaning everything I've written above is nonsense......but hopefully this information will allow you to make your own mind up.

    List of processors getting launched next year.…ors

    Have fun and save a few quid. :santa:


    Thanks for taking the time at 4 in the morning to keep us up to date!

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    I'd meant to write it over the weekend and finally got 10 minutes this morning (I work from home and hours to suit myself...) so wanted to get it up.

    Having read some oif the reviews for the new QX9650 over the weekend I've come to the conclusion that the new Intel chips are pretty impressive on the overclocking front (and that's what'll kill retailers and manufacturers from staying with the existing ones). There's one review I've read where someone has managed to get a QX9650 overclocked to 6Ghz (admittedly heavy cooling being used), but frankly that's an extraordinary overclock for a chip rated only to 3Ghz. That means that Intel have loads of room still left to ramp up speeds of the newer processors next year! And then to cap it all they are launching new redesigned internal chips at the back end of next year based on the 45nm manufacturing process.

    The downside of this is unless AMD get their act sorted out pretty fast they might well be at risk of not being here in 18 months (and an Intel monopoly again would be a nightmare).

    Anyway hope people can save a quid or two with the advice.

    [SIZE=2]Was planning to buy a laptop for teenage son for Xmas and one for myself in the new year. Excellent advice (even though I don't understand most of it!!) but the principle is that new stuff coming out in Jan 08, so they will want to get rid. Many thanks[/SIZE]
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