Advice for Best Valentine's options? (London)

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Hi all!

I've been looking quite extensively at Valentine's deals for meals out on and around the 14th, and wanted to see what the HUKD community has to offer as well as showing what I had found so far.

This American diner/bar looks like alot of fun, and alot of food and booze for the $$$! Not available on Valentine's but is the day before/after!

Fancy Asian a little more? 8 courses and a glass of bubbly for 2, for under 50 quid!

Romance in the Sky on Valentine's Day, £65pp for a 4 course meal with a cocktail, or £95pp for that + unlimited wine! There are also other more premium choices too, perfect if you wanna splash the cash in the City!

I hope you guys have some alternatives to offer or suggestions, I'm still weighing up mine.

)P.S. I know it's all very consumerist, but you try telling that to the Mrs and see how you fare besides, you only live once)
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Whatever you do... You will be expected to match or top it every year.
Do something the week before, save some coin and it will be more unexpected.
Divorce can sometimes be cheaper.
We used to go out every valentine's night to celebrate. We used to live in London and found that it was fine on Valentine's night although pretty busy, it was fun.

When we moved to Surrey we continued to go out on Valentine's night but one year we went to a local restaurant that rushed us in and out so it completely spoilt the whole evening. That made us realise that it is just ridiculous to go out to celebrate on the day itself so we went out to celebrate after the day itself as you get much better service because the restaurants are not so packed.
Clos Maggiore in Covent garden is very romantic, but you will need to up the budget somewhat!

Or for a more sensibly priced option, try El Pirata in mayfair. who serve the best Tapas outside Spain.
To be honest I would far rather go out any night other than Valentines. It's great for my kids and their partners who are 18 and 22 , but I'd rather celebrate an occasion that means something to us personally . We exchange a card and tiny gift for Valetines , but will go out a couple of weeks after for a meal to celebrate a different date.

Everyone is different though so I hope you find somewhere enjoyable , if it was me though I'd be off to see a show that night rather than have a meal .
Have you checked out Groupon - they always have deals on.
Could always try GREGGS? They are doing candle lit pork slices etc…759
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Could always try GREGGS? They are doing candle lit pork slices …Could always try GREGGS? They are doing candle lit pork slices etc

lol, that made me laugh so much
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