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Found 26th May 2009
ive got an interview this week for a job as an apprentice electrician has anyone got any tips or ideas on what sort of questions might come up ?

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Learn all you can about the firm that you are applying to, they will probably ask questions and you might impress them with your knowledge .
Good luck !!!!


Learn all you can about the firm that you are applying to, they will … Learn all you can about the firm that you are applying to, they will probably ask questions and you might impress them with your knowledge .Good luck !!!!


If you go to the effort of doing a background search on them then it shows your serious about wanting to work for them and willing to put in extra effort to impress them,


There might be some basic electrical questions to see if you have a base knowledge to build on, might sound stupid, but how to wire a plug and colour of wiring, units of measurement.

They might even go as far as asking you do draw an circuit diagram for a dual switched light (ie a landing light controled by a switch at top and bottom of stairs).

They'll more than likely ask why you wanna be an electrician, and where you want to be in 5 years time (my usual answer is said a bit tongue in cheek "I wanna be sat in that chair" lol)

Be confident but not cocky, smile and try not to give one word answers.


Buy them a bacon buttie

+2 above

Overall just be a genuine likeable person, that counts for so much, someone who fits in better, is one of the team and is pleasant, well mannered and likeable is halfway there already. After all it's an apprenticeship so they are willing to teach you the trade.

Being nervous isnt always bad thing just dont let it get the better of you as your nerves will keep you aware. Just let them know your prepared to work hard and that your a very good learner. Rememeber just be yourself.

Good Luck x

Only be yourself if you know that will be enough, otherwise dont be yourself, be what they are looking for.

As an apprentice you will be there to be taught so the main thing to focus on is basic practical skills, they will prob throw some cable down and ask u to estimate it's length, or do an estimate of cable run from one corner of the room to another.
basically they want to see you have the common sense not to step above your level but ask for advice first.


black to black, red to red



black to black, red to red

wow what a fail :lol:


black to black, red to red

Epic fail for so many reasons mate
Blue is the new Black, brown being the new Red, unless of course you are doing 3 plate wiring with twin and earth, in which case the black can sometimes be a blue, which in turn is then used as a red (which by now you should of guessed I mean brown, lol).
good old lighting arrangements, lovely stuff.

OP: have you done any Electrical training before, college or anything?
Oh yeah, and what company is it? I want the job


Original Poster

Cheers for the advice guys will take it on board.
Anyone got a good paragraph i can use to express why i want it ?

Tell them that you are only doing it coz you wanna be a plumber, when they ask why tell them it's because all the Plumbers you know are failed Electricans

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