advice for mid range mobile

    I'm looking at getting a new mobile as my HTC m7 is beginning to feel cranky and old, I've been looking at the htc a9s & the Sony xa ultra ( I think it's xa ?), but I like the look of lg phones but never had one so buyer beware. Just wondering which you would go for if any or what you reccomend ?

    there is just so many phones now it's hard to distinguish good v bad

    I'm looking to spend £20 a month tops as a price guide on contract or up to £200 SIM free


    Lenovo P2 deal on here from Three ?


    Lenovo P2 deal on here from Three ?


    Yup...Lenovo P2...blows the others in this price range out of the some higher priced handsets as well

    For under £130 id go for the Xiaomi Note 3 from aliexpress - its a superb phone (official global version with band 20)
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