Advice for my written-off car

Found 8th Feb 2010
Or rather advice for ME about my departed car.

I had an accident recently and my vehicle has been written-off by my insurer.
I've got the V5C/3 form in front of me but I've received conflicting advice on what to do.

1) Fill in the form and send it all to DVLA
2) Fill in the yellow section, send to DVLA, send rest to my insurer
3) Do nothing as my insurance company will notify the DVLA on my behalf.

I'm confused.
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From memory I sent the who form to the DVLA, you insurance company just list the car as written by the person who inspected the car on their behalf.
The DVLA will then send you confirmation that on their records the car has been scrapped.
Unless you buy the car back from your insurance company they will then physically dispose of it.
had the same prob , my car was written off 18th jan and i received my road tax
renewal this morning , i stll had the v5c/3 which no one had asked for , i rang my
insrance comp today & they told me to fill in the yellow part with the date the car
was wriiten off , sign it & put the name and address of the broker who issued the cheque
& to send the full form along with acovering letter to the dvla , hope this helps

Don't fill it out at all. Let the insurers do it.

I've handled probably thousands of total loss claims over the past 10 years in motor claims and it's a lot easier if they are left blank.
Insurance company should deal with it. If they've paid you out, its their car now. :thumbsup:
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