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    Hello all. Need some advice from whose with experience. I'm currently working in a customer service administration role. This is leading nowhere so I feel I need a change in career.

    So I've come across a few adds for gas training. There are quite a few training centres about that offer gas electrical training. The course being 16 weeks. Few weeks class based training. A few weeks with a experienced gas safe registered engineer to complete a portfolio of work. A week back at in class room and then tests. If passed you can apply to be put on the gas safe register. All this will cost around 4-5k.

    Question is should I do this course. Does It actually lead to a job or would More training be required. For example volunteer work with a gas worker for a few months to gain futher experience.

    Any one done this course? Any gas engineers insight would be great. Those who have changed careers, what did you do?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Morning, i have just recently passed my gas safe exam with 3 year evening collage course. In my opinion 16 weeks of training will just about teach you the very basics in gas. As for a company taking you on with limited amount of experience is highly unlikely. To pass part of your gas safe exam you have to be working with a gas safe engineer and complete a portfolio. If you dont know anyone working in the trade its really hard to get someone to give you that opportunity. Id advice you doing a full course at college and getting as much experience onsite as possible

    Avoid this like the plague, Total waste of money. No gas safe fitter in the trade is going to let someone with 16 weeks experience loose on a job. These places are selling a lie. The portfolio will take more like a year at best and that's if your working with a decent engineer. From my own experience the only way would be to get with a gas safe fitter or company and serve your time. I don't usually comment but on seeing this i hope i have saved someone from getting ripped off.

    And Daskota has hit the nail on the head, if you don't know anybody in the trade it will be very hard/impossible to get that experience. Independent engineers tend to give these opportunities to people they know. i.e Friends and Family.

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    Thank you for your responses. Unfortunately I don't know Anyone in the trade. The course does seems to good to be true.
    Daskota... Can I ask where you have been studying? And the cost of the fees for the 3 year course. And what's your next step after passing exam?
    As I feel I would like to go down the collage route.

    College not collage
    But to answer your question I think you should go to a reputable college with links to local engineers willing to take on apprentices
    Some of these places are newly set up businesses calling themselves colleges, trying to rip people off with little support whereas good colleges will always be more honest , supportive and have a track record of successful students over a number of years

    My husband retrained from I.T. to become a gas engineer about 12 years ago or so. He literally got the yellow pages and started from the top, phoning every independent gas engineer and plumber in the book (thankfully he found one quite quickly) to see if they would take him on. He enrolled himself in a City and Guilds course and worked full time with one day a week being at college. The level 2 course took 2 years and he then did a further year to get his level 3. Then he did his ACS gas training and qualification and became Gas Safe Registered.
    These "become an engineer in x weeks" courses are nonsense. We have seen it! You come out with such a limited knowledge that you basically are asking the person you are working for to train you up from scratch.

    I disagree that independents only take on family and friends. We are an independent and if the right person came along we would certainly consider a trainee so don't be put off trying to get a placement. You might need to persevere with it but keep trying!

    Which area are you in? I could give you the info of where my husband trained if that's of use.

    Sorry only commenting as I want to follow this post as having similar thoughts and it looks like you may not be too far away from me op going off your username mcfc lol

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    im in the birmingham Moseley area. old was your husband when he decided to change career. im 32 ...might be a little too late. thank you all for your insight.
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