Advice: Home cinema or separates?

Found 20th Jan 2009
Hi all.

After dodging a bullet and not ordering our new plasma telly from empire direct on Sunday (phew!) i'm in the market for some speakers to complement our Panny TH-42PZ80B.

I'm not exactly clued up on speakers and not sure if it would be best to buy an "all in one" home cinema kit or get separates. I've a budget of ~£300, which i gather is only just enough for a decent amp! I know with separates i can build a good system over time, but not sure. Also, i don't need a DVD player as i have my PS3.

Any thoughts?
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you can get a good amp for way less than £300, you'll probably not get surround sound but the cheap home cinema kits are pretty poor when compared to a stand alone amp so its a trade off as to which is more important to you. All you need for now is the amp and some good speakers. I'd look for an amp with the ability to hook up a sub at a later date as that helps the sound too, but not sure if that'll be within your budget.
i'm looking at the onkyo606 which seems to get good reviews, gonna hook it up to my gigaworks 750 speakers until I get the cash for a set of good floor standing jobs.
If you can handle the silver colour than you will not go wrong with these excellent speakers…SIL

Pay £50 more for black though
Seperates all the way, deffo.
What do you think to this set up

Onkyo TXSR506 + 5 Tannoys…312

Or the Onkyo TXSR506 with either;

the DL Saturn 10s TDL SATURN-10 for £100…-10

or the warfdale 9.1s for £120.…%26

Obviously the last two are a stereo option, what would a good next step in a few months be to get up to 5.1?

Also, should i worry about the non audio through HDMI?
the TXSR506 is a 7.1 surround sound amp, so you'd be daft to do anything other than get the deal with the Tannoys.

I think that looks like a pretty good setup for the money, Onkyo and Tannoy are well known and well respected companies so I don't think you'd be disappointed. Its going to sound a damn sight better than one of those out of the box home cinema jobs for the same money, thats for sure!
It is indeed. But i thought perhaps it would be ok to start of with two pretty decent speakers and then work up to a 5.1 or maybe 7.1 system.
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