Advice - Hooking TV upto computer

    I'm looking to hook my TV up to a computer and be able to have PC/internet from the comfort of my sofa.
    I don't want to have a PC base taking up valueable space and the noise is a No! No!
    A laptop would be ideal, but spending cash on a sreen I don't want sounds stupid!

    In a perfet would I'd have a laptop without a screen. Nice and sleek and would hide nicely away. I have thought of getting a screen faulty laptop, but you never know what you're gonna get.

    Any ideas?


    I have just bought "PC to TV" from Maplin. It works pretty well.…833

    You wouldn't have to have your PC in the same room, Just a thought

    what about this then?…htm

    Looks perfect for you at around £200, stylish, and should be released any day now.

    hmm you have two options here!!
    1. Get a small desktop box. Make one or guy one. They are called minipcs online, and you can buy a decent Pentium or c2d for around 400bucks!! Or buy a mac mini and hook that up!! So there is some sort of investment required if you want a completely silent PC experience on your TV.

    2. Get your existing PC on ur tv by either buying a PC-TV converter or checking if ure TV has a VGA/DVI/HDMI input and ur PC has the same. If not you will need a rescaler of some sorts!! You can get them for about £20-£35 depending on resolution. Also you can keep ur PC in a different room, but you will have to run quite a long bit of cable!! Which is not a very good idea!! also you will have to go to the room where ur pc is kept to turn it ON and to change or insert DVDs/USB devices!!

    Original Poster

    My TV has got a VGA in port. Its a must for any new TV.
    I really don't want to go down the desktop route. A laptop (without screen) would be perfect.

    Apple is not a consideration. Expensive and just to limiting.

    what about my idea, it's basically a laptop without the screen...

    the PC i built would be very quiet if I swapped out the graphics card and got a fanless one, WD 500GB is whisper quiet and akasa amber fans keep it cool without producing much noise, you could get a shuttle case and add something low power like a pentium dual core or 45/65W Athlon, just a thought, otherwise look out on ebay for cheap HTPC deals

    build a htpc ...... find the bits on ebuyer & dabs etc...... you can buy parts which are "whisper" quiet...... HTPC is the way to go (i have my xbox hooked up as one )

    If you're not going to be playing films what about an Ultra-low power PC like a fit-PC or cherrypal?

    If your TV only has VGA and not HDMI then make sure it can accept full resolution through VGA as some are limited to 1024x768.
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