Advice: How can i raise my freezer off the ground in my garage?

Posted 9th May 2015
I have a freezer, and a tumble dryer, in my garage. Recently, the wet weather has caused water to flood the garage floor. As an interim measure before I tackle the leak, I want to raise the appliances off the floor. Only by a couple of inches.

Can anyone suggest a good way of doing so?
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Bricks,wood etc etc.... oO
get a pallet will do the trick or a few bricks
Treated wood, bricks or you can get wheels for them that extend the size of the appliance. here
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David Blaine?
concrete lintel either side..
Common sense.
Put it on something!
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plastic pallets same size as wooden pallets are usually thrown away by companies .
Get some treated fence posts and cut to size, one either end should do
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Just buy a £4 concrete slab 2' square. Full coverage and it won't look a dogs dick
A pallet or two lengths of 2x2 timber straps placed under each end...cheapest undressed timber will do probally aroun £4-6 quid from a B&Q
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