Advice: I need a new portable scanner antenna

Found 30th Mar
I like to listen to marine traffic on the south coast usually in and around Torbay, specifically Torquay marina when the weather is nice. At the end of last summer I misplaced the antenna that came with my Uniden USC230-E so I need to buy a new one.

Rather than buy the stock Uniden what better antenna can I buy that would be good for vhf marine traffic bearing in mind it needs to be portable so no longer than 15 inches?

With the Uniden antenna I was getting Solent coastguard 90 miles away, also Falmouth, + plus local harbours, although I couldn't always hear the vessels side when they were speaking to Solent/Falmouth. When there was fog in the English Channel I would get French Coastguard 100 - 130 miles away.

Was I already pushing it for a portable antenna or can I do better?

Any advice is much appreciated.
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Have you thought about a mag mount for your car?
Hi cmdr I'm actually talking a handheld its something I'm walking around with. Thats why the limit would be 15 inches otherwise it becomes impractical.
I use a Watson antenna on my Uniden. Can't comment on the range as I don't need a hundred miles.
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