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Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a new TV, but I'm struggling to find the best one for my budget. There are so many TVs on the market, so I need your help to choose one. I have about £350 budget and I'm looking for 26 or 32'' LCD TV. So far, I have narrowed my list to LG32LH3000, but I don't see what is the difference between this one and LG32LH2000, LG32LH4000. Is it 4000 much better than 3000 ? Also, what difference does it make the 50 Hz, compared to 100 Hz? The LG32LH5000 has tremotion 100 Hz, but is £100 more expensive. Is it worth it to pay 100 for that?

Any other TVs in the same price range which I should consider?

I don't know much about TVs, so any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks

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]Samsung 32" B350 £269

]Toshiba 32" AV635DB £320

]Samsung 32" 1080p B530 £350 - good tv ;-)

Or if you get to a Makro like i did they were doing the Sony S5600U 1080p 32" for £299 + VAT - which i must say is a very very nice tv. Oh and in answer to your question... personally NO i wouldnt pay an extra £100 for 100hz coz i cant really notice the difference on mine compared to my 200hz tv downstairs lol.
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