Advice need please, thinking about swapping Internet Browsers

Hi all, My computer recently got a virus which meant I reinstalled everything including the internet browser, and I now have Internet Explorer 8 Beta, but I find it is slower and some HUKDeal titles are showing as blank! So I want to change to maybe Google Chrome. But I am worried that I'll have to redo the internet settings to set up the wireless dongle to the router downstairs. Is this particularly tricky when changing internet browsers? Any advice would be great and I'll leave rep for any help given.



You would need to do nothing besides install the browser

hmm the wireless dongle settings just connect you to the internet via the router (the settings are just to actually connect to the router and provide your isp login details) the browser doesnt make a difference so you dont need to worry bout that.

Try firefox it lets you send all your internet explorer settings like homepage bookmarks etc across when u install, you dont even need to uninstall IE just set the second browser as default

personally not likin chrome! but each to there own

Firefox is the way forward...updates are quite frequent and its very safe

i agree firefox is very good and you will def see a difference

As others have said its just a simple case of download the browser and install. What this thread will be full off in no time is Firefox fanboys, and other going this is best that is best. I can hear the stampede now lol

At the end of the day a browser is very much a personal choice, they all have pros and cons. Install a couple and have a play and see what you like. Google Chrome is still a work in progress, but still good and worth a look. Its working fine but just bare in mind there is a rare chance you may hit a bug, or maybe a website that does not load correctly. Firefox and Opera are both great, there are many others out there too. Just play with them and have fun.

Oh no the Firefox fanboys are knocking on the door! lol

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cool, thanks guys. but dont people have issues viewing/doing certain things on firefox? I cant remember what.


Oh no the Firefox fanboys are knocking on the door! lol

lol let me in


cool, thanks guys. but dont people have issues viewing/doing certain … cool, thanks guys. but dont people have issues viewing/doing certain things on firefox? I cant remember what.

maybe years ago, just like they did with Opera too, but just bare in mind no browser is perfect!


Firefox fanboys

Well, I like it:thumbsup:

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thanks everyone

Try Safari, apples version of internet Explorer.

To be honest though, despite what people say, each browser is pretty much identical other than asthetics and some minor features here and there.

Spend a long time thinking about this as it it could potentially be a life changing decision. Our lives rest on your laurels

Firefox, Fast, safe, Compatible almost everywhere.

dont forget opera, an other excellent browser!

each to thier own, all browsers are "good"


go for firefox and then add some essential extras to it:-


tab mix plus




tab wheel scroll


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thanks guys!

Yes , as the chaps have wrote , for another browser ..........all you need is Firefox .Safe and secure .However you can still use IE , infact you can have the two on the screen at the same time without any problems . I often do if I need to check details on one site and I'm on another .

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cheers ricko. what is safe and secure for?

If you don't need your browser to do anything but surf the net, the Google Chrome is your best bet.

At it's core, its a very simply browser.

Safari !!!!!


cheers ricko. what is safe and secure for?

What I meant was that Internet Explorer had so many vulnerabilities especially in the early days , there was lots of security patches for it included in the microsoft updates . But , FireF ox does'nt have so many . That doesn't mean to say hackers wont be looking for ways around this , it's just the FireFox team are on the ball and are constantly developing the software to make this a more secure web browser. If you have'nt used it before ,give it a try .

Firefox and don't forget to add Adblock Plus

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okay ta guys! great help.
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