Found 27th Sep 2008
hi i just gave my cat a worming tablet bout 3 hrs ago and now she has just been sick and is foamin at the mouth what should i do? xx


Take her to the vets.

I think the vets is more urgent than hukd in this situation.

I would call the vets immediately, as it sounds like he/she may of had a bad reaction but there's no need to panic but don't wait around and it's good that you spotted this asap.

Good luck.

call your vet


Rabies me thinks

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well on the packet it says if vomiting occurs do not repeat dosage and when she has been sick before she always foams at mouth as she is scared

Sounds like the tablet was a little too strong, thats why she would of sicked it back up, the foaming as long as its not pure white is just basically the cats way of spitting out the bitterness or rest of the vomit if you will, as long is it is'nt pure white or contains blood or an excessive amount it should'nt be anything to worry about. But take her to a vet to be on the safe side

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i have carmed her down now so no more foaming now

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vets not open till 3 i have emergency number to call

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spoke to the emergency number and she said its common and to keep an eye on her and to use a different type of worming tablet next time but i didnt need to bring her in

you did the right thing-Vets on a saturday probably cost a bomb-obviously if you have to go its different-but if you can get away without it then it will save you a fortune !

happened to my m8's staffy if was because she fed it to her on a full stomach (alot of people make that mistake) it should be given @ a certain time of the day as well (should tell you on the back) i am not sure if cats are the same as dogs but i have to get the correct tablet for for the weight of my staffy. Last of all was it one of those cheap pet shop worming tablets? if you can try to buy a decent brand from the vet or online vet

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it said give it to her with her main meal so i put it in some tuna (her fav) but after 3 hrs she was sick i wasnt too worried about the foaming as whenever she is scared like when i take her out in the car to the vets she always works herself up and starts foaming thats why i asked for advice on here as i know alot of people on here has cats. but after a few people telling me to phone vets i got abit more worried however she said it is very common and to use a different type next time. but she still isnt herself
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