ADVICE needed Archos DVR Station

    Hi guys

    Anyone know where I can find a GEN 4 model? Also is it worth getting for the 704. Its a gift but not sure if he needs both.

    What will the dock allow that the 704 won't?! I am stressing, help would be good!!


    ]Archos sell it for 99.99 euros

    The DVR allows you to record from TV etc more details below


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    Out of storck from Archos. I read it and it made no sense!

    As far as I know the DVR station just allows you to record from TV direct to your 704. You can still do all the rest of the things you want to without the DVR station, such as wifi access, transfer video files from ur computer to ur 704 and play music/look at photos on it. Ive got myself one for xmas from argos when it was on that half price deal and Ive been looking at getting a dvr station but there going for £60+ on ebay inc p&p and I don't think there essential. I think the one you have bought should be able to playback on tv, just not currently record (i think). A good place to look for advice would be…9ff

    where they seem to say a lot of issues with the unit is to do with the dvr station! SO might be best to steer clear, lol. I'm going to spend my money on a good case for it instead.
    Hope this was of some help.

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    That was a HUGE help!! Thanks
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