Advice needed asap, Private tenant need emergency repair but cant get hold of landlord,

Posted 1st Oct 2008
As title says,

This morning we noticed the toilet was leaking from the bottom of it, water was coming from the handle & water is pouring out of the overflow at the side of the house. The floor board by the toilet are soaked & feel softer than else where in the bathroom.

I called the landlord early this morning told him & he had a go at me because ever since i moved in here a year a go i have told him there have been a number of repair's needed doing. He said he would get someone out but never said when.

Half a hour ago the water started leaking in to the kitchen via the light fitting, I called the shop where the landlord is the owner he was not there i speak to his wife who said she " that he has gone out & that she cant contact him but will tell him when he get back in"

Then we started hearing the light making a some crackling sounds, so iv had to switch the down stair's light s off at the fuse box.

So dose any one know if i can call someone to get it fixed as a emergency maybe on health & safety or fire risk grounds. Without billing me as i dont have the money to get it fixed myself.

my partner is worried about cooking any dinner 2night as we have a electric cooker, & with 5 kids to feed tonight need this sorting out asap
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