Advice needed - Aspire 5630

    I got this laptop a few years ago at around £600 but has been sitting in the garage a few months.
    Nice some advice on what to do as the laptop is not in great condition (damage on outer case, laptop does not charge), although last time it powered on everything else was working as it should.

    Should I try and sell this for spare or is there a better route to try and get some money back?


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    Try and get it to charge again, then sell it.

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    Tried everything but cannot get it to charge

    take the battery out and see if it starts up via mains.
    if it starts ok without it in you know that the battery is definately the problem

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    How would I test the components though?


    These are worth up to £200 in full working order. Worth about £50 as s … These are worth up to £200 in full working order. Worth about £50 as spares in its current condition - it's cracked, someone has opened it and screwed it back wrongly (potentially damaging the hinge supports), the trackpad is worn, it doesn't power on which suggests motherboard failure (expensive!). You may get more if you can break it up yourself, test and sell the components individually as working.

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    Darn it lol


    You need another laptop!

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