Advice needed: Best long-lasting and warmest winter jackets/coats under £100

Posted 20th Jan 2023
Hello all, I'm in need of a new winter jacket/coat for next winter, currently I have a Superdry Ultimate Core Down Jacket but I'm looking for something warmer, durable, sustainable, and reasonably priced (under £100). Can anyone recommend any brands or models they've had good experiences with? Also, any tips on finding the warmest jacket and the difference between a jacket and a coat would be appreciated. I'm trying to buy something that would last me for many years, I believe in conscious buying and buying it for life (although it is not possible). I'm new to the UK always changing weather and to a cold weather in general. Thank you for your input and suggestions!
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    I would always recommend multiple layer over one thick coat. I use a waterproof goretex coat as an outer layer and down jacket as an isulating layer if required. Cheaper and more flexible as sometimes it is rainy but not too cold etc.
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    the best time to buy your winter cloths is in the spring / summer sales depending on the brand you want.

    the best jacket brands i know of is Rab or Canada Goose but both are out your budget unless you look on ebay.

    a Rab jacket is well known and liked, Canada Goose is a very expensive brand but it is seen as a fashion item and a big investment as the jackets can last upto 40 years if looked after. they also can be brought on ebay but second hand prices start at over £200 , simply because a new jacket costs £800 - £1400. i have a canada goose jacket i brought it second hand and its a very good quality jacket.
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    Craghoppers Expolite jacket, with or without a hood versions are available. Im on my 6th year with mine. Often down as low as £60 but can be as much as £120 depending on when you buy.
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    My winter jacket is a Dare 2b ski jacket and a hiking jacket from decathlon.
    It is mainly because of UK wet weather, it is better getting something waterproof with hood
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    my hubby picked up a down snow boarding jacket at TKmaxx after winter ended in the sales, paid 50 for it and its going strong i would steal it if i could lol. A weird place to look is I have a Zara coat, its down, its lined, its waterproof and its 3 years going without letting me down and I have a raynaunds so i am always cold but not in this. It surprised me because my snowboarding coat didnt keep me this warm! lol. Pajar also makes lovely coats, snow and rock have a lot when the sale goes down.
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