Advice needed - Blu Ray Player, Sony BDP -S500 Is it worth £191.67?


    I've seen this Blu Ray player near where I live reduced from apparently £599.99 to £191.67 I was just wondering if someone could tell me if it is any good. I know there are cheaper ones out there, just wondering how this compares (I'm assuming it must be an old model as it is reduced) Cheapest lsewhere doing a quick search on the net that I can find is £349 + p&p on Amazon marketplace, so seems cheap just is it any good?


    hmmm no

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    Can I ask whats wrong with it?

    Depends what you want from a bluray player. When you consider PS3's can be bought for £250, you get a lot more than just a bluray player for your money. Especially when you bear in mind bluray players often need firmware updates & the PS3 does this automatically (if you're hooked up to broadband). However I don't know about this particular player.

    Buy a PS3 or you're stupid.

    The JFK;4515777

    Buy a PS3 or you're stupid.

    I was trying to say that , but more subtly...

    Not really a great deal. You'd be better off going for Panasonic BD35. profile 2.0 so its more future proof the the sony in that it'll play interactive blu rays. The BD35 also has an ethernet port so your firmware is kept up to date. Exceptional picture quality (better than PS3 without a doubt (woooo controversial))
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