Advice Needed: Bluetooth System for Car

    I would like to fit a bluetooth wireless system to my current car speakers in my Zafira.

    What is the best way to go about it?
    Should I just go into Halfords and buy it and get it fitted from them?
    Or should I one from ebay or somewhere and if so, how easy/hard is it to fit in terms of the wiring.

    I would like to pair/unpair to my ipod and phones and laptop as and when I wish.

    Any advice or help appreciated.


    I bought an IO play system from Ebay and installed it myself, was fairly easy once I got the car open, had to buy an adapter for the stereo though. Looks professionally installed now, use it every day and very pleased with it!

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    moody, please can u give me an URL link for that one

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    ahem,.... thats a hundred quid....
    is that what i am looking at paying?

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    Maplins do this one for … Maplins do this one for £80

    i've seen ebay item 370358731102.
    i will research it.


    ahem,.... thats a hundred quid.... is that what i am looking at paying?

    Got mine for about £50 off ebay...

    I'm also planning to fit a bluetooth kit in my car.

    I'm going for a Parrot Mki9100 which also allows me to plug an ipod/iphone into it.

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    the porter;8296039

    Just buy a venturi mini £50 thereabouts

    I had a cheap FM transmitting one, that took a usb stick. the audio was not clear.
    How is audio quality on the venturi mini?
    Is there any drawback to using the FM frequency?

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    Does the IO Play need the Ipod (mines a 3rd gen) to have the IO bluetooth dong connected or does it utilise the ipod's bluetooth.

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    been looking at the venturi, seems like a hassle free option as no such wiring installation to do.

    am trying to figure out if 190386924588 and
    380172375044 are the same items, or is the latter a later model?

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    okay doke.
    just ordered mine from ebay.
    will see how it goes.
    this has the advantage of taking it from car to car.
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