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Dear All

I am at a loss who to turn to here, and a little worried! A few months ago I wrote in the forums about a dodgy job (recon engine) done on my car by a company in Basildon.

This has been going on for months now. I have finally managed to go through my credit card company to get some compensation back.

My problem being is that the garage who have repaired my car advised my credit card company that they have sent a 'goodwill' gesture cheque to me and that it has been cashed.

My credit card company asked them for a statement proving this - 3 weeks ago, and have yet to receive anything - they have contacted the garage further and been fobbed off like I have with different stories.

The credit card company has finally agreed to pay the extra that the garage supposedly sent me by cheque that has been chased.

Putting the credit card company aside, I have emailed the garage to ask for details of this cheque, as it could be a case of identity theft/fraud. I have not received this cheque nor cashed it. The garage will not even respond to me at all - and have not sent any information to my credit card company either.

I have contacted the police who cannot help until I have the cheque information. My credit card company have now settled my dispute as well.

The issue of the Goodwill gesture cheque being sent and cashed, may be a complete lie, but what if it is not? - if they have sent it and it has been cashed - this is fraud! I cannot get any details on the cheque myself from the garage, and dare not phone the garage as have received threats from them before, and they have been very nasty to me - swearing down the phone, hanging up on me, lies and shouting etc

Can someone please help!

Kind regards



issue of goodwill = you getting the square route of nowt

There was no cheque or goodwill. Name and shame.

Original Poster

Maybe? maybe not! but if they have sent it and it has been cashed - then thats my name someone is using!!!

How would you feel, thinking someone may have cashed a cheque in your name, and you cannot get the info to take this further?..blinking frustrating!!

I need to find a big bouncer to head down to Basildon and sort them out (or at least get more info for me!) lol

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Where can I name and shame? this company needs to be made known to others! they are a bunch of Essex cowboys who prey on female victims like myself, get away with it, and continue to do so! They ripped me off for £1500 - also promised me a 2 year warranty after I went to them for the first 6 month service - and have gone back on the warranty and because of the way they have treated me, I darent go back for the service!

If the garage is as bad as you say, they definitely sent no cheque, and cheques are easy to trace to where they were cashed. Don't be fooled.


did they tell you its been cashed?

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They told my credit card company it has been cashed after they contacted the garage. The credit card company asked for a copy of the statement and cheque, and 3 weeks later the garage has not provided it. I have email for the info and they have not got back to me either - they have chosen to ignore me! I cannot look into this further without the cheque info!


your wasting your time.. Lies damm lies I tell you :roll:

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I am 50/50 on whether its a lie or the truth, but still have the inkling at the back of my mind, that someone may have carried out a fraudulant action here!

As for this garage, whats the best way of naming and shaming? Trading standards and Consumer Direct are not interested, as they have not actually done anthing illegal - they just have no morals! and have gone back on their word


[quote=cheztaz]I am 50/50 on whether its a lie or the truth, but still have the inkling at the back of my mind, that someone may have carried out a fraudulant action here!
yeah but you cant prove it can you ? move on life is too short :santa:

hi i agree with all who said there never was a cheque, i realise its easy for us to say don't worry but they don't sound like the 'goodwill' type from what you have said plus saying they had issued it to you has caused complications with your claim through the credit card company which is probably the desired effect.
if as you say they have threatened you i would be making a complaint to the police about that and not so much about identity theft, they don't have to touch you for it to be an offence GBH as opposed to ABH.
if you wish to name and shame write to your local paper(or not so local), trading standards watch dog etc,
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