Advice needed - Faulty mattress from Very

Found 16th Jun 2010
Right, so here's my situation. About six months ago I purchased a mattress from Very, a couple of months ago it started to collapse in one corner. I've rotated it from head to foot to see if that would make any difference but it hasn't.

I called Very yesterday to explain the problem and all they've said is that I can return it and they will inspect it. When I enquired as to what I was supposed to sleep on while it was away they told me I could order a second mattress and if the first was found to be faulty then they would refund my account, if not I'm stuck with two king size mattresses.

I suspect that they're probably within their rights to ask me to return it for inspection. Can anyone advise me otherwise or suggest a better solution? Cheers.
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Send it back and buy a cheap airbed to sleep on
Similar thing happened to me with a mattress from Tesco Direct - it was like lying on a bag of bones and you had to jiggle around to avoid the springs :lol:- sent it back for inspection and had no problems getting a full refund.

Personally I would explain to the girl on the phone that its not fit for purpose, if it's causing you discomfort - let them know. Get them to collect it for inspection and ask for a full refund and buy the mattress elsewhere.

Hope you get it sorted
The same thing happened to me with one of my children's single mattresses after about 7 months when it collapsed in one corner and you could feel the metal springs / cage in the collapsed area, but I'd purchased it from Argos. They collected it and replaced it within a few days, great customer service.

If its a branded make could you not try contacting the manufacturer direct just to see what they say as most mattresses are guaranteed for a number of years to see if they are any more helpful ? Telling you to buy another one (which means you could be out of pocket) or go without while they inspect it is not really very helpful for you. If its collapsed after 6 months its obviously not fit for purpose and its a shame that they couldn't be more helpful.
Yeah, it looks like I'll just have to send it back. I'll ask them if they can get someone out to inspect it or have the manufacturer come out to inspect it but seeing as I live in Northern Ireland I can't see that being an option.
Hiya, we had a similar problem with Littlewoods at the beginning of the year, we ordered another replacement mattress and they took the faulty one away as well, credited our account no problem, possibly a bad batch....
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