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Found 5th Oct 2010

We are planning a trip to Oz to check it out as we are considering living there. Adelaide is the area we are considering moving to so would like to see Adelaide but are happy to move around the country to explore.
which areas are must sees?

Also, how much money will we need for a 3 or 4 week trip, we like to stay in nice but not too expensive hotels and eat at the same sort of restaurants - so middle of the road prices really.

I hate long flights so am considering stopping off in Singapore on the way there and back for a night or so, anyone done this?

any cheap flights around? looking to go around beginning of november


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ta very much missed that thread somehow lol

anyone know how to get cheap flights? how much money will i need? how much are average decent hotels, restaurants etc?

I lived in Adelaide and my children went to school there is is an amazing place, very safe, very easy - the city is set out very well it is like a grid so easy to get around the beacher are lovely and there is a big ex pat comunity which will help you setle, just go to the events they have usually in the local paper. I lived in a place called Trott Park, a nice distance from the centre of town, the biggest shopping centre was a place called Marion and it had everything. We came back to the uk and a couple of years later we went back to Australia and moved to Queensland - that is where I fell in love, we lived in a place called Sailfish Cove Mermaid Waters near Surfers Paradise (about 15 minutes from Surfers or coolangata) and I highly recommend Queensland again my youngest child went to school there and she had diving and lots of water sports as normal lessons.

Yes I would definately recommend stopping over in singapore, or even Hong Kong depending on the airline you choose, the Hong Kong one I found the easiest but the singapore one the best because singapore is the most amazing place
Good luck with your relocation

they have lots of restaurants - fast food places their Burger King is called Hungry Jacks and of course they have McDonalds everywhere, the good place to go for variety is Sizzlers - it is an eat as much as you like buffett restaurant, dont know if you have been to florida but it is just like Ponderosa in florida, one set price for the buffet - I would recommend you find someone who has a timeshare and they are allowed 14 gettaways per year they could easily get you a lovely place very cheaply as a base in or near the city you are visiting, even if you only use it for a few days it can be cheaper than hotels.

Not sure on hotels but perhaps consider a hostel...…ide

I enjoyed some wonderful stays in hostels throughout Oz. Some of the single rooms were surprisngly of a very good standard & not noisy either. Also they're a hub of useful information!
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