Advice Needed for New Camera

    currently looking for a new camera, but what we have looked at isnt what we want. we are wanting a view finder on the camera, as when its bright/sunny you cannot always see the led screen. the camera has also got to be small and compact, unlike the fuji's we saw today.
    anyone got any recommendations? ty



    check out the canon ixus range?
    Ixus 100 is good and can be bought for like £100 ish now.

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    budget upto £100

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    ty for yr suggestions

    Hooray! Someone at last sees why you benefit from a viewfinder.... also holding the camera out peering at the screen isn't good to prevent the camera shaking, pressed into your face looking through a viewfinder helps stabilise it. Get a Canon Ixus... youi won't got wrong. Generally neutral colours but can be set to Vivid to bump it up if required... Fujis and Sonys give you a 'sunnier' feel to your pictures, greener grass, warmer skin tones but I find it unnatrural.

    Canon A1100 a very good all rounder

    Has been cheaper b4 but atm its £110…wAg
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