Advice needed for phone for nan

    My nan has asked me to help her to get a new phone.
    She wants something with a large screen, so probably touch screen with a decentish camera, but easy to use and as cheap as poss.

    Any ideas?


    I brought my dad a DORO phone after a little bit of research. I didn't like the flip version as I felt that would be more difficult to use. You can use it on any network. It has an emergency button on the back which if held will send a message to 5 people and call them to say you need some help. It is just so easy - my dad loves it. He found this easier to use than a touch phone. It doesn't have a camera though.…8-2

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    thanks for the advice but she wants it for the camera and wants a big screen to view the pics on, she would hate to have what she'd view as "an old persons phone", she is very good for her age and currently has a phone but just wants a better one

    Samsung tocco lite maybe, has big touch screen and 3mp camera, my dad has just got one from tesco for £49.97 they are currently selling them off, that was on vodafone though .

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    yeh that sounds good, will go and have a look, thank you
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