Advice needed for TV spec

    I want to get a new family TV, we pretty much only watch virgin cable, and the odd dvd. No games consoles or anything else need to be plugged in. Am I right in thinking there is only any point going up to full hd, rather than the ultra def thing? Size 49" roughly, any recommendations? I want a decent one that will last. Thanks for any replies!


    It's up to you but research and read reviews. I have a full HD 3D Samsung 48'smart TV and I love it, it was £499 when I bought it in February and it is an old model but with excellent reviews and I wasn't disappointed.

    Do your research that's all I can say.

    Lots of factors to take into account....

    You want a TV to last.... but they're only built to last approx 6/7 years - anything more is a bonus.

    You may not want 4K now..... but with Sky (lots of new customers deals out there) 4K is same price as HD (you pay £100 for 4K box).

    And TV Size. .... I'd go as large as possible. You may think something is too big but you'll get used to a large screen within a week.... I personally think 49" is too small - especially if you like movies...

    Lastly budget. You get what you pay for. Mid range tv is mid range. .... not best.

    Let me know your budget and I'll send some ideas over. .....

    As Rodgers said, do your research and read reviews etc of the TV's you have in mind....

    When you've narrowed it down to a few.... go view them in the shop.....
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    Full HD is all you need. Have a look in Richer Sounds for deals and they give 6 year guarantee. Prefer Samsung myself.

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    Thanks guys

    Definitely go Samsung. ..... ks8000
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