Advice Needed : GoPro Camera bought of eBay claimed new but no so sure...

Found 5th Aug 2012
So I bought a GoPro HD Hero 2 Motorsports Edition off eBay.

It was off a reputable seller, over 17,000 transactions and 99.3% positive.

It arrived, and the seals were cut, sliced open, and the seal around the unit had obviously been reapplied as little pieces of the packing material were stuck to it. Then when I was looking to register it and record details for myself I noted the serial numbers were missing, one should have been on the box had been peeled off, and a blank sticker put over it to cover the sticky residue, then there should have been one inside the camera battery compartment, it too had been peeled off.

I emailed the seller and they claim it was brand new, just not sealed by the manufacturer, GoPro say they do not supply units as new without serial numbers, and the inside one has clearly been peeled off.

So I have had a read through the feedback and this is not the first GoPro they have supplied without serial numbers, so that is strange to start with.

They also say they cover it for a year, parts and labour, my questions are basically;
1. Why would a company supply without serial numbers.
2. IS it worth keeping for them to cover it
3. Should it just go back
4. Any other thoughts anyone has on this

I dont think for a second it is stolen, but I have no doubt that it is not brand new!

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I was thinking they could be removed to hide the fact that it is a refurb. The same way as apple can trace everything from a sn maybe gopro can too.

It is from a big seller. I doubt it is stolen or fake.
Your always going to feel something isn't right, so send it back
I have never had to return something before do I return via seller or must you make an eBay PayPal claim?
I think its easier to go through Paypal.It will try to get you go through a ebay dispute but go for the Paypal one.Maybe you can put it as SNAD Significantly Not as Described.
You then have to send it back to seller at your cost Special Delivery and you should get your cash back .then leave him feedback but be careful what you say as he can have feedback taken off if you rant on about dodgy items.
Then block him.
But maybe message him through ebay and say your not happy with the camera and see what he says.Always message through ebay so you have evidence.
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Is there a way to flag to other users what they are doing though. I am awaiting an email from GoPro answering a few questions. If it confirmed that there is no way the 'manufacturer' supplied the cameras like this is the a way to flag that up to other users?
Just leave a calm feedback stating...

"Item arrived with no serial numbers so returned on manufacturers advice"

Just leave a calm feedback stating... "Item arrived with no serial … Just leave a calm feedback stating... "Item arrived with no serial numbers so returned on manufacturers advice"

Good advice thanks. Just have to wait in the seller getting back to me. Cheers.
I have been contacted by the seller and apparently it is an 'import.'

They have been unable to tell me as to why there is no serial number on the item, and have offered to have their courier pick it up for a full refund.


Thanks again for all the replies.

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