Advice needed : Moving from UK to Canada to work

Can anyone tell me

1) If its possible to move from the UK to Canada to work there
2) What the procedure is
3) How difficult it is normally to get permission to work there

I am a british citizen and would be going there as a professional to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..

thanks !


I have a friend who moved to Canada to work,as soon as he qualified from uni.
He had an aunt who lived there,and this helped him to 'get in' if you know what I mean.However part of the deal is,that you must remain in employment to stay there.He was made redundant from his job(when the electronics stock market crashed a few years ago) and a lot of people were laid off.
As soon as he lost his job,he had no right to stay.

He did love it over there though,but maybe losing his job and moving back to the UK was fate.Within a few months of being back home he met his lovely wife(an au pair from Czek Republic) when he worked part time in the pub down the road.Happily married in 2000,now with two young sons:)
(sorry for the last paragraph,got a bit mushy thinking of him!:oops: )

my aunt emigrated to canada along time ago, her and her husband had to be 'sponsored' by someone out there, dunno if this is still the protocol

[COLOR=royalblue]What kind of work are you interested in?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4169e1]At the moment the waiting list is set at 44 months for just going on your own with enough points.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4169e1]You should check out the CHC website.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4169e1]I know there is a trucking company in Manitoba that will move you out to Canada (lock, stock & barrel) in 12 weeks with full working permit.[/COLOR]

Original Poster

thanks guys.
basically, at the moment I have a potential empoyer lined up (a very large company) but I have talked to them and they initially said that getting a job here doesnt mean you have the right to work here.

hence those three questions.

From the replies it seems it is possible to move (without masses of experience). I have someone who lives there so that would be a bonus I guess

Keep the knowledge coming ... thanks

Original Poster

thanks Crazy1 ... 44 months is Crazy!

The line of work i want to go into is professional, working for a large telecommunications company.

Could you please elaborate on the CHC Website ?

surely there is a website that can help you Cyrus...try googling.

Original Poster

there is currychops but its a bit vague and, hell, I cant be bothered to read it all so I would like to get the meaty points from you peeps if possible


thanks Crazy1 ... 44 months is Crazy!The line of work i want to go into … thanks Crazy1 ... 44 months is Crazy!The line of work i want to go into is professional, working for a large telecommunications company.Could you please elaborate on the CHC Website ?

[COLOR=royalblue]CHC = Canadian High Commission [/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4169e1]Try this for starters ]http//ww…tml[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4169e1]Oh by the way, I don't think you have any entitlement to that job, get a life, get real, wake up smell the coffee (Tim Horton's mmmmmm) they are just stringing you along. To take that job up it must have been advertised for 3 months internationally (and they have to prove it) they have to prove that no Canadian can do the job then the Americans then the World and if then you are still acceptable they MIGHT be allowed to take you on. Believe me I know what I am talking about because I am going through it at the moment... I have 36 months left to wait[/COLOR][COLOR=#4169e1] :whistling: [/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4169e1]Also have a look at this ]http//ww…om/[/COLOR]

We have recently muted about doing this!

I found the biggest thing was deciding exactly where to live!!! Advice from people living over there was to avoid the French speaking parts, as they expect you to speak French (understandable!!!).

There is the points system, and I found this somewhere online (can't remember where though!) and without really knowing what I was doing, I scored just enough points!!!!

I presume if you have skills / trade then it might be easier.

Good Luck - and keep us updated! Just out of interest, what type of work do you do?

There are plenty of forums out there dealing with these questions.
I can remember looking at one for Australia/New Zealand (not that I'll have the opportunity to go there) and the forum members where giving lots of advice about number of points you need and how to gain them etc


I found the biggest thing was deciding exactly where to live!!!

:giggle: :giggle:

[COLOR=royalblue]Well it is not exactly a small country so finding a place is not really a problem. To score massive points you need to go to a small town andshow the authorites that you intend to repopulate it, as there is so much exidous to larger cities. never say you are going to one of the big cities as this will get you turned down. Once you move there, you can then go to the big smoke. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4169e1]It also helps to go and see the place at different times of the year, I have been going for over 20 years now and have been there in +44C and a wind chill of -46C one extreme to another and I loved every minute of it.[/COLOR]

I did this in April 2005 and spent a year in Toronto.

Its hard to get a work visa, but so much easier if you are sponsored by a Company.

I never applied for a work visa, (or worked there for that matter) so I don't know the full rules but basically, when it comes to getting a work visa, they don't want to see you aspiring to work in a Tim Hortons / MacDonalds etc as they have enough people to do that, and at the other end of the scale they don't want to see you take a job away from a Canadian.

If you have an employer willing to sponsor you out there, then they have to be in contact with all the HRSDC (Human Resources and Social Development). They are the ones who basically say whether or not its a good idea for the company to employ you, i.e. you are not taking a job away from a Canadian. If they say yes, you simply apply for your work visa and the company should help you do this.

I also know a couple of Irish chaps I met out there who got a work visa, by applying for a visa to study out there first. Of course they didn't study and just got bar work etc.

Best thing to do is contact a good immigration lawyer who will know all about these things. I found the Canadian High Commission in London to be fairly useless.

Im just waiting for my Barrister to get me Permanent Residency now - making the application via Buffalo, so shorter waiting time :-p

Very interesting thread, dad is in Toronto at the moment and has been asked to stay out there (not a chance!)

[COLOR=royalblue]It is rather funny actually, ALL Canadians now need a passport to visit their long lost cousins over the border, and none of them have a passport and the queues are enormous to try and get a PP now, so what do the authorities do? They take on an extra 500 staff to clear the backlog :oops: Bloody wonderful :x [/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4169e1]There are people who have all the right qualifications and ready to take the plunge and they have to wait for a single biddy to process their forms in Montreal, yet in this country you can just walk straight in and claim away, don't start me off. :-( [/COLOR]
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