Advice needed on 3 mobile contracts please.

    I've received 2 letters from 3 regarding 2 mobiles I have with them which are changing my billing to charge the first 59 seconds of each call to be rounded up to one minute - after that the per second billing kicks in.

    Am I within my rights to cancel these contracts with them ?

    One expires Aug 2009 and the other in Jan 2010.

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    this is the running thread with the details etc, there is also a thread on MSE with advice

    OMG! I had exactly the same problem with three. If you look at their terms and conditions section 10.1d it clealery states that if any changes are of detrimental impact to you, then you have a right to cancel your contract. i phoned three and spoke to two managers who would not help i was on the phone for over two hours aand got know where its so infuriating and frustrating. however i managed to find the chief executives address for three, so your best bet is to right to him nforming him of the change and of the 10.1d terms and conditions. also check your bill as i started with a per second billing but they changed it to per minute without even telling me!

    James Harkin
    3 Executive Office
    123 St Vincent Street
    G2 5EA
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