Advice needed on a refund

    Hi everyone

    just looking for some advice on where I stand and what I can do about this.

    Last month I placed an order for a mobile phone with Orange, which I subsequently had to cancel. I cancelled it on the 15th and was told I should recieve my money back within 14 days. This seemed like a long time to have to wait to recieve my moneyback but I've humoured them.

    I phoned up last week once the 2 weeks were up and they said that that the refund wasn't initiated until the 19th and I'd have to wait till 1st Nov (today) for it to come through. It's now that date and I've still not got my money back. Called them there and the clueless call handler tried to palm me off with 'it can take up to 48 hours to show on your account', but then said if its not in my account by 3pm tomorrow then to call back!

    From what I know regarding BACS payments it takes 3 working days for money to be transfered from accounts, which is what I'd expect Orange to use. Can anyone confirm this?

    Where do I stand about this refund as I feel like they are completely messing me about to no end.



    worst online retailer - orange shop!

    Yes BACS only takes 3 WORKING days and if they've sent via BACS then it will show up on your account first thing in the morning, the only way a credit would appear later in the day is if they did a special transfer which is unlikely as it would cost them to do this so I think they're just trying to fob you off as they can't be bothered to look into it.
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