Advice needed on appliance cover.

    Some advice needed please, I have appliance cover with D&G, I had a fully intergrated dishwasher which needed repair, it was 7yr old, and I have been told its non viable for repair. I was given a replacement model to look at which is too large for my kitchen. I have been told this morning that D&G's contribution is 30% which is £112.19 towards the cost, of the model that is too big. They have said I can only shop in comet and they will only pay £112.19 towards the cost of a new one whatever the price?
    Also the replacement they offered me at £370.68 with out the 30% contribution, is only £229 in comet! So I need some advice on where I stand, sorry its a bit long winded, thanks for reading.


    that is dreadful - you have to read the small print of your policy, if it says new for old etc and the conditions, go through it thoroughly
    I have a range cooker and just took out an insurance with (added to my) British Gas, they stated that they would cover all parts, labout etc and if they could not fit they would give me all my premiums back it also included a yearly service

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    I cant find my policy, but I know it wasn't new for old, I dont mind paying towards the cost of a replacement, but I need one that fits with the rest of the kitchen, I am frustrated that they seem fixed on £112. I asked why I couldn't shop around, and I was told there is enough choice for you in comet!!

    Talk to Trading Standards. Although you are not entitled to a new for old replacement, D&G cannot dictate to you where you shop.

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    Thanks for the link diabeticguy, they have advides me to write to D&G.


    sorry to hear about this issue. D&G are being very unreasonable.

    The whole principle of insurance cover, whatever type it is, is 'to put you in the position you were in before the incident occurred.'

    So, in my understanding, you need to be put in a position where you have a replacement, working, built in dishwasher in the place where the faulty one has been removed from.

    Keep fighting and I am sure you will get there in the end.

    Good luck!
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