Advice needed on bnbs and train stations by manchester apollo

Found 20th Feb 2011
Im off to a concert in manchester apollo in a few weeks and want some advice on b&bs close to there and which is the nearest train station to get off at, can anyone help please


picaddilly I would imagine, although I dont know Machester at all, and have not checked

edit: ardwick 0.5m, or Piccadilly 1.1m
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Ardwicks rarely used as a station, Piccadilly is about 10 minutes walk from the Apollo. Theres a few hotels/travel lodges around Piccadilly too

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Thankyou both

I live in Manchester. The area around the Apollo is not that great and so your best bet would be to get a bus back to the City Centre ... only a short journey or jump into a taxi to get to a hotel.

The 4 star Arora International through TravelRepublic seems ok for £47 each with breakfast and good reviews seems as reasonable as any of the budget hotels

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firswood are there any travel lodges around there?

I agree with Firswood, I'm also from Manchester.

You can get a bus from the Apollo into town for a few quid and could stay anywhere in the city centre. I wouldn't recommend staying near the Apollo!

There is a travelodge on Ancoats, but again I wouldn't massively recommend staying in that area either unless you access it via taxi!!!

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Thanks for the advice wheezy!!

Hi Rachel ... as Wheezy says there are travelodge's available but when I compared prices (although with just a random date) they were about the same cost as better hotels.

What date do you need to stay?
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