Advice needed on free Aol laptop please

    Sorry please move if in wrong place.
    I signed up for AOL for the free laptop in september 07, Got connected in October- after they had my old address rather than my new add somewhere went wrong online application. Anyway i rang up to confirm that it all went through as didnt hear anything and found out that address wrong and changed it with aol. Said it would be on 31 Oct and my laptop 20 days after..
    30 days after i rang carphone warehouse as no laptop she said as "didnt have anythin on there screen that it went through-wrong add" she said she will get fax/email from AOL to confirm i have signed up which she did while on phone.. said i have confirmation of it and my lapptop will be with me within 20 days... 22 days later no laptop!!:( by this time im getting quite annoyed as expected.
    Rang up carphone warehouse explained asked if it had been shipped out she said no tomorrow.. But it is being sent to old addy only thing i can do is tell ova occupents to send it back i can ring to get tracking number pick it up from courier.. rang 2 days later to ge tnumber to find that it aint been sent out.....ANGRY OR WHAT

    Carphone warehouse said that i need to send two bills to them to proved that i am with aol at this address and go from there. she said she would ring me back within 30 minutes to give me address to send too. never did. i have to ring them up now then aol to get bills and then wait for them to get them and probably another 20 days wait for laptop which will never probably come!!

    Another problem is that i cancelled my BT broadland to get the free laptop as paying BT £180 was cheaper than getting a laptop- silly me!!

    My question is ... Shall i wait and give them another chance to send it out ? i have already said if i dont receive it i will canceel AOL... can i do that? I am already out of pocket and i dont want to be paying £20 a month broadband with Aol and i can get it at half th eprice without the free laptop.



    cancel and go with utility warehouse instead,they too do the free laptop and cheaper packages imo

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    Do you thin i will be able to cancel my contract under the terms i havent recieved my laptop tho ? I dont once again have to pay the fee's

    dont know about that one,but u should be able to as they havent fufilled there part of the deal,they are taking the p**s!

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    Edjaned the utility warehouse is coming up 29.99 a month for laptop??

    Had a problem with them too, i signed up to the laptop deal online and paid for the upgraded laptop witch was £149.99 and 14.99 delivery, they took my money but i did not hear from them at all. Anyway i phoned up 3weeks later and they said my order was not in there system so they took another order over the phone, weeks later still no laptop. After hours and hours on the phone trying to find out where my laptop is, i spoke to a boss and he told me there system was not running smoothly and the orders are all mixed in the carphone warehouse/aol system anyway to cut a long story short! i got a refund after 30days and my contract was cancelled with out any penalties after asking to speak to a manager not a supervisor and threaten them with the isp regulation's board.. Carphone warehouse have to be the worse company i have ever dealt with..:x:x:x:x:x

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    isp regulation board ?? I am being thick hear aint i lol


    isp regulation board ?? I am being thick hear aint i lol

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    thanks i will have a look


    Edjaned the utility warehouse is coming up 29.99 a month for laptop??

    are u in one of these llu areas?i pay £37 a month for line rental and broadband and i went with them 4 gas and elec so i get all my calls free all the time plus i save money my having a few supplies of them,i think aol wanted more and they didnt do line rental! £14 a month, line rental £10.50 a month, Dell laptop £300, much cheaper..!

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    Yes i am edjaned. Adamo i will look at thanks

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    Oh no not available in my are yet
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