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    can anybody help me we had a house fire 6 weeks ago today its been a nightmare as it is but now getting worse. we are living in tempory accomadation while our house has to be part rebuilt and gutteded a massive job but nothing even started yet. ok why im posting i need advise have had a phone call today from insurance assessors they asked me to take cash on white goods as not going to be back in house for about 6 months but they will not give me anothe to cover the costs i told then i can not replace for that amount the said that was all they where offering dont know wot to do i know this is going to be long and drawn out but i need help please if you read all this thank you for taking the time


    OMG I am so sorry about what has happened.

    I can only think of citizens advice.

    it depends if you have new for old on your policy, if not you will only get what they estimate their worth to be...

    Tracey if you have a replacement like for like policy, or an old for new, rather than estimated cash value, it's probably just a case of say no thanks to the cash I'd like my replacements please. If not CAB are worth talking to (or Community Legal Advice Center as you seem to be from pompy?)

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    have got old for new

    really sorry to hear about your fire, can't begin to imagine what you are going through. Re what the assessors have offered, are they independent to your insurance company? Most are. If this is the case, it might be worth phoning your insurance company and speaking to them about it. I would have thought they should be trying to help you as much as possible in the circumstances. If the policy is new for old then you should be getting enough money to replace with the exact model you already had. I think in major circumstances like this, they often offer cash as an easy option, for you as much as them, as you can replace things as and when you are ready to move back in. All the best.

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    thank you any more advice much appricated


    have got old for new

    YOu mean new for old?
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