Advice needed on new tv

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

    My friend is looking for a new tv..hes moaning that it has to be 42" and wants it to be 1080p, he doesnt really know why it has to be just does !! lol

    So hes picked 3.

    Which would you go for and why?


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    For convience the 2nd one cos comes with stand,know nothing about t.v's.

    id go for the 1st or the 3rd as they have better connection facilities such as pc input and 2 HDMI's. Not sure which would have the best sound quality though.

    Are you sure they are 1080p as they dont mention it that I see.

    Hmm anyway id also check reviews online as sometimes newer models are better sometimes worse so make sure you check.

    LG I think have a better rep than Toshiba

    all the panels are made by LG anyway

    they are not 1080p they are all HD ready which mean 720p

    go for 1020i or above

    ]Great TV Link here....
    Whats the budget... this is a cracking TV and great price with 5 year warranty compared to ]here with standard warranty


    they are not 1080p they are all HD ready which mean 720p

    3rd one says it it 1080p!

    LG over toshiba everytime.

    3rd, because its worth £1599.99 and its also the heapest and the best (I think) :thumbsup:
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