Advice needed on Senseo coffee machine & pods please

Found 12th Jun 2012
Hi I have just bought my dad a senseo viva machine from telephonesonline and would like to buy him some pods to start him off. Where is the best place to get them from please and do I need to get a pod holder too? Also I know he would like cappucino's, are these any good and do they require a different pod holder?

Advice muchly appreciated as I've been googling away and can't work it out :-s
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most suppermarkets have them check prices on line
go to food page on their site type in senseo
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thanks but its not that easy, they seem to have hardly any choice and no cappucino. Plus no mention any where as to where i need to buy pod holders? There is a mug size option, but again no mention about holder needed?
thank you

ok so do you know if the machine comes with double pod holder? mysupermarket says tesco do cappucino but unfortunately must be store specific as they are not offered online when signed in

coffeepodshop is 6.99 delivery and directcoffeepods is 4.99 not exactly cheap
I have had 2 senseo machines and both came with single and double pod holders, you can buy holders that will take any ground coffee
these are messy but work ok.…M5A
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buy him a coffeeduck

then he puts his own ground coffee (espresso is best due to finer grind) and let the machine work its magic. works out a lot cheaper and obviously enormous variery of coffees.
thanks, did look at that. can't do cappucino though and as he won't use it loads so he'd rather have easy pods. Just wanted to buy a couple of packs to start him off
I bought one of these and got rid of my Tassimo. I so wish I hadn't as I used to love having the odd hot chocolate but I need to buy chocolate pod holder for the Senseo and supermarkets do not stock a good range of the stuff.

We find Senseo All Day Coffee Pods the best value and by far the best tasting.
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