Advice needed on Smart TVs and Parental Controls please

Found 16th Jan
Hi everyone!

I'm currently blowing my mind looking for a Smart TV for my 12 year old's bedroom. I had no idea about these things, I'm learning slowly!

We are looking ideally to get her a 32" tv/dvd combi. Smart TV would be a good idea as she will use the features more as she gets older, she isn't on social media and her younger sister might use the tv soon as so I'm needing to get to grips with how I can make sure I have some control over the settings for now.

Do Smart TVs usually come with some sort of parental control option, does anyone know please? Any recommendations? We don't have a massive budget but we can spend up to £250 (maybe a bit more) seeing as she'll be keeping it for 30 years, in theory

All advice would be really welcomed, thank you!
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I got one of these for the bedroom See here and for the price ( its gone up slightly since i got mine ) its great, not sure about the parental settings tho i only watch sky, dvd netflix and media from the usb port or from off the pc downstairs wirelessly
You want to get a 1080p TV. 720p doesn't cut it these days especially with 4k on the horizon. Parental controls are dependent on the manufacturer and what TV provider you sign up for.…PZA
Only 200 pounds. Can get a DVD player for around 20 - 30 pounds.
Same one at John Lewis.…226
It's 30 pounds more expensive but it also has a 5-year guarantee included. I believe the Tesco one only has a 1-year guarantee.
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Sorry for the lateness, I forgot to set notifications to say if anyone replied 😶

Thanks loads for the info, I'll go and have a look at the links. That's really helpful, thank you again!
No problem. BTW looks like John Lewis reduced the price of the TV to match the Tesco one.
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BailOut15 h, 35 m ago

No problem. BTW looks like John Lewis reduced the price of the TV to match …No problem. BTW looks like John Lewis reduced the price of the TV to match the Tesco one.

They have, thank you! Have ordered it. I have one very excited daughter!

I notice it does the Freeview Play thing, I've never used this and notice I'll need to get a USB stick to do that (useful for when she won't go to bed because she wants to stay up to watch something on TV, hehe! No excuses then!). Is it just a standard USB do you know please? I'm guessing a large capacity one? I just feel clueless on all this, it's a lot to learn isn't it? Thanks again everyone!
I don’t think freeview play requires a usb stick. You’ll only need a usb stick if you want to record shows onto it. You can also play files that are on a usb via the TV.
Not sure what parental controls are available, my Smart doesn't appear to have any.
You can delete the adult channels, but they will re-appear on a rescan.

For the built-in browser, it may be possible, if the settings allow, to set the DNS as OpenDNS Familyshield - or set this as the router DNS and then override it on your own PC.

Freeview Play is the reversing Program Guide, but it does not magically grant catchup to everything - not all channels will offer catchup at all, and the others will never have it on films and some other programs. Broadband access is required for Freeview Play.

If it supports recording (some only offer USB play), then a USB stick may be a good idea .... it seems to be ab out 4GB per hour for HD and 1.6GB per hour for SD - tried a 16GB Sandisk Cruzer Edge on my TV and performance was adequate to record HD - but would only be good for 4 hours of that - the alternative is a USB hard disk
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