Advice needed on using a refill kit / compatible inks in my new Epson DX4450

Found 7th Sep 2008
Morning all!

I purchased an Epson Stylus DX4450 from Dixons last week and am looking ahead to the near future when I'm gonna need to buy new inks.

From what I've gathered these new Epsons (manufactured after the first quarter of 2007) will try and reject anything other than original ink by default and I'll therefore need a compatible cartridge with a 'reset' chip which will fix this little problem. I gather that the first time I replace my originals with compatibles I'll need to replace all 4 cartridges at once (can anyone explain exactly why, I hear the reset chip on compatibles is removable and can be transferred to other carts??)

I am also considering a refill system (CISS as I think they're called) - how much will this set me back and is it worth doing this or just buying cheap compatible inks? I've never used a refill system before. I won't be doing masses of printing, it'll mostly be used for uni text, printouts and a few photos.

Note: I'm sure some people will recommend just buying originals, but no, I don't have that sort of money to waste on ink for a printer and am not too fussed if the quality is *slightly* inferior to Epson's own cartridges.

Thanks for the help crew, rep awaits!

Edit: I've also just found out there's a Cartridge World down the road from me, are these places any good?


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The cheapest refills I've found so far are @ UKDVDR, which charge £1.29 per cart + delivery of £1.79. Totalling £7.29 for a whole set delivered.


SVP sell Jettec too @ £3.09 a cartridge:…1_4 (unsure of the difference between the SVP and UKDVDR ones) and say:

When using compatible cartridges in a printer for the first time, it is … When using compatible cartridges in a printer for the first time, it is necessary to change the whole set (i.e. all 4 cartridges). Once the whole set has been changed and used, you can then replace cartridges individually without having to change the whole set (applies to models manufactured after March 2007 only).

i've found to be quite good

i get my inks off ebay think i paid £15 for 3 colour sets (black, blue, yellow magenta) and also got 2 extra blacks and ive never had any probs re: the ink i found it works fine but then i got a dx4800 and ive had it 4 bout 3 yrs now so dnt no about the whole rejecting them thing, it does say everytime i print tht the cartridges are not genuine epsom and then gives me the option 2 quit or just continue so i continue and never had any probs.
sorry if this was no help but if you want a ebay link 4 the ones i got just pm and then you could maybe use that to compare with others!

Personally I would not use compatibles or refills. I realise some sing their praises, but I have had nothing but a ruined printer (twice). Also, with photos, the ink does not dry properly, and nor is it as vibrant as Epson's own.
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