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    I want to speak to my dad back using Skype. I have a netbook with a webcam etc so this side is fine. But my dad has a Dell laptop that doesn't have a webcam so could somebody suggest a decent webcam that doesn't cost the earth? Also whats the deal with the sound, will he need a further bit of equipment?

    thanks in advance


    go logitech.

    Look at the quickcam pro series, you should be able to pick up a decent one for a good price on ebay by now, i have had the quickcam pro7000 for 5 years or so and it is a fabulous piece of kit!

    Many webcams come with a built in microphone.

    He needs nothing extra to hear you as his laptop will have a sound card.

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    right so a logitech quickcam pro series webcam with a built in mircrophone seems to be the best bet. Are they easy to install/setup as I won't be there to do it and he doesn't have any experience in these things. Oh yeah what should I look to pay?

    the quickcams have built in microphones, if he has windows he should be able to just plug it in and it will get the drivers right away, if not he just needs to download from the logitech site.

    from what ive seen on ebay, about £20 or less. you can get much cheaper webcams but it all depends on the quality of the image you want. my 4000 is a 1,3 mp and very clear.

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    do you think Item number: 270688638372 would be decent? Plus it says its for netbooks but it would be fine on a laptop right?

    would be absolutely fine
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