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Advice needed, ordered from samsung using klarna and have a problem

Posted 13th Feb 2020
so i just attempted to preorder the galaxy s20 plus on the 12 month upgrade program, pay £99 deposit, then £30 per month and send the phone back in 12 months to get the new model and start a new 12 month payment plan.
i entered bank details, a credit check was performed and it said i was accepted.
at this point i recieved an email stating the direct debit has been set up, it then asked for my card details to take the £99 deposit and said scroll to bottom to sign credit agreement.
i entered details went to bottom but clicking on the sign credit agreement tab did nothing, i checked all boxes again, read everything just no function from the tab your supposed to click.
i waited a few minutes and had no choice but to click back, then a message popped up saying application unsuccessful, ive checked my bank and they have taken the £99 i contacted klarna via chat who said maybe theres an issue with samsung and to apply again. I refused as they've taken payment and performed a credit check already, i dont want another check on there.
They then said to contact Samsung shop and ask if the order was successful and get order number as its samsung who deals with it not them.
i contacted samsung via phone but the staff are foreign and dont seem to understand properly and keep giving replies that dont make much sense, they said maybe you get refund try again, i said cant you tell me if its been successfully ordered and they basically didnt answer just keep changing subject etc..
any ideas what i should do ?
thanks mark
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