Advice needed: Phones4U cheque back claim and RM consequential loss cover

    I am about to send my first cheque back claim form to Phones4U. I have read here that some recommends opting for RM special delivery with consequential loss cover. The terms for the consequential loss is as follows from RM:

    Sometimes the damage, delay or loss of an item can lead to greater loss than the market value of the item itself. Delayed legal documents or damaged photographic transparencies are two examples. If you are sending such an item, you can opt for Consequential Loss cover which will entitle you to extra compensation should something go wrong.

    You can apply for consequential loss compensation if you're using Special Delivery for any UK destination, except the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or HM Forces addresses.

    Just ask for consequential loss when you send your item by Special Delivery 9.00am. Compensation claims can be made through our Customer Services within 14 days of posting. Youll need to include the receipt for purchase in order to file the claim.

    It says there the claims can only be made within 14 days of posting. Phones4U says they may take up to 1 month to process the cheque. Is there any channel to know that Phones4U have received the cheque back claim form?



    I always sent mine recorded when i was with phones 4 u but also photocopied the original before posting. I never had a problem getting my cheque back & i'm sure you won't either. Just remember to do it every 3 months as that is how some of these firms make there money by people forgetting. I always used to put a reminder on my mobile 2 days before i was due to send the slip out to them :thumbsup:

    If you send via Special Delivery then you will be able to check the delivery status online using the Special Delivery tracking refererence number. So you will be able to tell whether Phones4U have received and signed for the letter.
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