advice needed please!?

    i have just stupidly bidded on a phone on ebay and won then realised the seller has no feedback! i understand everybody has to start somewhere but i don't want to be conned as its alot of money and for a present.what should i do?


    To cancel a transaction

    Go to My eBay > Sold and locate the item.
    In the More actions drop-down menu, select Cancel this order.
    Choose a reason for the cancellation and follow the on-screen instructions.

    some info here

    I cancelled an order just once but that was 4+ years ago. Hope this works

    edit sorry that might not apply as for sellers but hope there is an option for buyer to cancel as google brings back to the same page
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    let eBay and PayPal so their job and if it turns out to be duff claim a refund

    use PayPal u will be fine

    Just pay via PayPal, you'll be fine. I've had 2 did sales refunded by eBay over the last few years.

    If the seller isn't too far way then arrange pick up
    Alternatively request they take pix and send by secure delivery
    Mind you they could send you a duff one and claim it was good when sent but eBay n PayPal got your back

    Just don't pay, if you buy & phone gets blocked in a few months PayPal nor eBay will be much use

    It won't help if someone reports the phone as missing somewhere down the line but:
    Get the seller to send the IMEI (Photo of the phone screen displaying the result of dialing *#06# )
    Check the phone on
    Check the phone you receive has the same IMEI

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    all sorted now thankyou.they cancelled the sale for me


    all sorted now thankyou.they cancelled the sale for me

    glad you got it sorted
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