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    my partner is buying a van off ebay tomorrow and after speaking to the person selling it he explained that the van was put in his garage for repair but the owner of the vehihcle does not have the money to pay for the repairs and the van has been in the garage for 9 months so the garage owner is now selling the van to recover the bill.
    does anybody have any advice to give as to if the garage owner is legally obliged to sell the vehihcle??? he has told us that by law he does have the right and that once the sale is final my partner will be the legal owner of the van.he has the green slip off the logbook and he is going to tax it and put it in my partners name.any advice would be grateful as i would like to find this out before my partner goes to look at the van tomorrow. thanks


    Has the garage owner go the full V5 document. If not I wouldn't touch it. You could send the slip off after paying your money only to find the origanal person is still the owner.

    Sounds dodgy, Unless he's got the full log book

    The registered keeper is not the legal owner... just the registered keeper.
    Having the van put in your partners name doesn't make him the legal owner.
    Also there could be outstanding finance on the van .

    Should it be the case that the original owner of the van could not/would not pay the bill then the garage owner is entitled in law to retain the vehicle and to sell it to recover his costs.
    However make sure you get everything in writing.
    The worst thing that can happen is you lose all your big is the garage, big enough and permanent enough to sue should things go wrong?
    Seriously consider an HPi check of some description.
    IF it is as said you should be OK.

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    thanks for all your replys,i think i might consider a hpi check.

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    if my partner buys the van and gets it in writing that he purchased the van from the garage will that make him the legal owner???? can he still lose the van or will the garage and the origanal owner have sort it out????

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    the van is still in the customers name and the garage owner only has the green slip and not the full logbook.

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    so if he sells the van does he have to apply for the logbook in his name and then sell it when he is the legal owner????

    Dont get it as will be a headache, he aint got the full log book which he should have!! the green slip is useless and need a full page which you enter new owner details and even though he might the owner may tell the police?
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