Advice needed please, buying a fridge freezer for the first time!!

    Hi all,

    I am looking to buy either this Whirlpool…001

    or this Bosch$PRICECUT/1/Trail/zone%3DpriceCutsZone.Price+Cuts%3EC%24cip%3D1500010851.Kitchen%2Band%2Blaundry%3EC%24cip%3D1500010947.Fridges%2Band%2Bfreezers%3EC%24cip%3D1500010950.Fridge%2Bfreezers.htm

    Does anyone have any good or bad experiences of these brands? And which one do you think is best value?



    I bought a fridge/freezer recently and looked at the which report for help, LG is supposed to be the best at the moment, and i think Bosch got some good reviews too. I went for the LG and quite happy with it so far, i searched Kelkoo once i decided which one i wanted to get the best price, and then got some money via Quidco too

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    Thanks, where did you buy from to benefit from quidco?

    Boots kitchen 4.5% Quidco, also got some boots points. Sainsburys kitchen appliances had a good price too 3.5% Quidco, check those out

    always buy a frostfree one

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    cool, ta very much.

    Whirpool ]link

    Bosch ]link

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    cheers for that kippy!

    Remember to take into account the energy efficiency. You might think there's not much difference between an A and a C rated machine but if you reckon the fridge freezer might last 5 years (over the 5 years) that will be a big difference in running costs.....

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    Thanks, yeah we are definately looking for A stuff.

    Looking for cheapo and consideing a bosch or whirlpool might seem a contradiction.

    Both are very good brands as well as SMEG etc but on the expensive side of dealsville. There are "sister" companies in Kitchen appliances much the same as LG/Phillips in the general electrical market. Look for things like Prima which is an inexpensive version of Whirlpool, possibly with fewer features etc butshould be worth the price.

    Another alternative is to take an approach of buy cheapest but add in the longest warranty you can get! That way anything that goes wrong is covered for longer and lets face it, even the best engineered appliance could go wrong the day after the standard years warranty is out.

    Good luck which ever way you go.

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    Thanks wantone.
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