Advice needed please on a 'budget home CCTV security camera

Found 1st Apr 2011
Mum is having problems with the neighbours.Nails mysteriously found in both car tyres,plants snapped etc...

Anyway told her to get a cheap CCTV camera 1 for front and 1 for back.

Looking on Ebay i can get this for roughly £25.We dont no much about these but want something that will do the job of catching anyone at night.

If this is no good can you advise on anything upto around £30 each or would we need to spend more?


Thanks x
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Brand New professional WIRELESS CCTV CAMERA
  Wireless transmission and reception!
Send and Receive pictures with High resolution
High sensitivity, provide clear video & audio signals
Night vision, camera come with 11 LEDs!
Built-in microphone for audio monitoring
Including adaptive bracket, Easy 1-Minute Installation!
Good to be used in supermarket, shop, school, office, home etc!
Perfect item for theft prevention, home security, monitoring children, elders.
CE, ISO 9001:2000 Certified
Lower power consumption

TV system: PAL / CCIR NTSC / EIA
Definition: 380TV lines
Scan frequency: PAL/CCIR: 50Hz; NTSC/EIA: 60Hz
Min. illumination: 1LUX / 0LUX with IR
Output power: 200mW
Output frequency: 900MHz - 1200MHz
Camera power: DC + 8V
Receiver Power: DC + 9V
Transmission Distance (without blocking): 50m - 100m
Night vision: 11 LED
Signal: video, audio

Camera and built-in transmitter x 1
Receiver with antenna x 1
9V DC power x 1
8V DC power x 1
AV Cable x 1
Travel adapter plug with safety shutter x 1
Manual x 1

speak to your local crime prevention they might be able to help with the cost, My parents have major problems with yobs in their street which is only 100 yards from the police station, Crime prevention helped them with the cctv and recorder, they had to pay a little but i dont know how much sorry
Look into the foscam ip cameras
If it were me I`d give that camera a miss.

There`s no brand or model number on that listing, so it`s hard to check if it`s any use.

I would say that the connections seem very exposed, doesn`t look like it would take much to disable the camera.

The 11 leds seem to be normal ones, not infra red, which will just call attention to the unit. Infra-red leds would provide enough `light` for the night vision to function whilst being pretty much invisible.

To be honest, I`d recommend you go for security lighting. Scumbags don`t like being caught in the full glare of floodlights when they`re up to no good. And you know what they say about prevention being better than cure. Just make sure they`re fitted high enough, so no one can reach them.
i have a foscam IP cam and it's pretty good, paid around £70 on ebay last year, they're probably cheaper now

make sure you get an outside one if you want to watch people at night as windows just reflect the infrared and you just see a bright light on the cam, theres no way to turn the infrared off either (at least with the firmware mine has)

another thing to note is the wireless can be a bit crap, i gave up trying to get a decent signal and wired mine in

250789688708 looks like a cheapo dealextreme job, i'd avoid it as mentioned above
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We got a Micromark one years ago...set up camera inside facing out and connected to our portable tv/video recorder...we put some tape over the infra-red to stop glare off some good pictures off it I have to say.
Thanks for the advice peeps new i could count on you !! x
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Are the wireless ones effective enough? I.e, would the range be good enough for a clear picture on your tv say 20 metres away?
Do not get wireless, my mate is in the security business and he told me never to touch wireless, the technology is just not there yet for the picture quality.
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