advice needed please on mobile internet

looking for best deal - preferably uncapped

will i be better off getting separate laptop or one of the deals that is

laptop and internet

another question - do i get a decent laptop or bog stand £300 ish

dont need it for gaming -

your help really appeciated as i am not a techie



I had the carphone warehouse offer with aol and a laptop and i got a dell inspiron 1520, but it was £20.00 a month. But then I had to pay an extra £10 a month because of where I live with renting the line from the exchange as they didn't own it or something like that :?, and then I paid another £5.00 a month for unlimited daytime phonecalls. So all in I pay £35 a month and I can't wait to switch but I'm tied in for another year. So it's worth having a good look around hope this helps x x x
sorry I read it too quick didn't realsie you were on about mobile internet x :oops:
maybe try uswitch

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thanks angel star - noted & repped


thanks angel star - noted & repped

your very welcome good luck hope you find a good deal x x :thumbsup:

You are tied in for 24 months and could pay between £25 and £40 a month.

Having a quick look, cheapest unlimited seems to be £30 a month. So that's £720 for the two years. Take off the £300-ish for the laptop. That's £17.50 a month for the unlimited broadband.

Can you dump your home broadband and just use this? Have you got an internet bundle on your phone you could dump?

If you can't afford to pay for a laptop upfront it's one way of spreading the cost.

The laptops are all reasonable. None would be great for gaming and some will be useless.

For me, I'll be avoiding the laptop/mobile offers. I think. I've not even decided.

Shop around. Use the cashback sites to get a few percent back from your laptop. There's a mobile broadband cashback deal on the MSE email today (not had a chance to check it out yet.)
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