Advice needed please on Panasonice Lumix G10

    HI looking to buy a camera, have a replacement due from Argos so it needs to be bought there.

    I havew seen the Panasonic mLumix G10 and was just wondering if anyone has one or knows if they are any good its on sale at £349.99 from £439.99

    Any advice appreciated thanks



    all the reviews say its great

    It depends on what you want from a camera, the G10's main advantage is that it has comparatively large sensor along side compact and bridge cameras, its AF is quick and you can change the lenses. However the downside of that is that to get the best out of it you're going to need to spend more on extra lenses and the micro 4/3 system is relatively pricey to buy into. The kit lens supplied with the camera has around the same zoom range as a basic compact camera at 28-84mm, the telephoto 45-200mm lens (90-400mm equivalent) will set you back around £230 and the compact low light pancake 20mm F1.7 around £270. If you're interested in a system camera but put off by the Panasonic lens prices, it may be worth having a look at a low end Nikon or Canon instead which may not offer video support but they have a wider lens range with plenty of budget options and a large second hand market.

    I wasn't keen on the G10's basic viewfinder and lack of articulating screen but I think the price has dropped enough now to balance that plus there's an offer to get both photoshop and premier free when purchasing the G10:…pdf


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    Thanks for the advice, I have £230 in total to spend in Argos, so only want to add a bit more to that.

    I just want a better camera than a stand click and go one, its really just to take pics of my kids and family.

    Can you recommend anything else in Argos

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