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    Don't know if anyone has experienced anything similar?
    Had trouble obtaining credit last month. Got a copy of my credit report from Experian and found that Orange had linked my name to 2 random addresses in the south of England (to which I have no connection whatsover). Further investigations proved that it was one of these addresses that had defaults registered against it. Was not happy to say the least.
    Wrote to Orange requesting they sort out the issue, and give me compo for time/stress/worry etc I have experienced.
    Got a bog standard letter from them today saying that they have found out it was fraud and they are removing my incorrect linked addres info.
    What REALLY peed me off was at no point did they even apologise for THEIR error (As Elton says.. sorry seems to be the hardest word).
    No response to my compo request either (suprise, suprise). I want to take matters further but bar writing them another stroppy letter I am at a loss as to what to do. Am I being unreasonable asking for some form of compensation? I have spent the last month trying to sort the bloody mess out after all.
    Any help or advice from anyone would be muchly appreciated.


    I wouldn't hold out any hope that your stress etc would be recognised. I do think at least you should be reimbursed for your telephone call charges and any postal charges, perhaps even for your credit check if you had to pay for it. It would be very easy for them to do this by giving you phone credit.

    Worth another try.

    Write rather than phone to someone higher up the foodchain.

    Best of luck.

    have a look at otelo site - see if they can help you

    the least they can say is no but might be able to inform you who you could go to - to get help…d=1

    good luck - i fought orange and i won!! - they couldnt produce a'copy of recorded calls'

    Had similar problems with Orange 4/5 years ago.

    Was applying for a mortgage and everything was going fine, put an offer in on a house (in Scotland) which meant I was legally bound to buy it. 2-3 weeks down the line my mortgage company called me and said I had one of the wost credit historys they had seen and suggested I contacted experian fo a report.

    I paid the £25 for the online report and under Orange I had 3 CCJ's, up to 25 missed payments and all sorts of other defaults. I knew nothing of this of course but after about 6 hours on the phone to Orange I found out that I had owed them the princley sum of 65p for over 3 years and their computer system had automatically gone through the process of CCJ ing me and wrecking my credit history without sending me a single letter to ask for the 65p that I would obviously have paid had I known about it.

    After getting through to the right person at Orange they were actually quite good, they wrote a letter to the credit scoring companies to wipe the credit history and my mortgage company to assure them that they were at fault. They even refunded my credit searchees.

    Original Poster

    Thanks people. I'm still seething about it though. Just goes to show how one company can totally screw stuff up for you with no real come back on them.
    Rep added for the lot of you.
    Vodaphone for me when my contract expires

    sorry - just posted this in thepost above:
    "I have been with orange for years and my credit rating is really bad - well, it doesn’t see to be on paper, and I have only ever missed a few credit card payments when i first started at university 8 years ago, but still cant get credit - i always wondered what it was.

    Doe anyone know any more about this ?"

    Seriously - is anyone else considering jumping off the orange ship? I am! Any feedback greatfully received!

    I'm leaving Orange, just finished an 18 month contract .

    Came to renewal time and as an upgrade they offered one of the most basic phones they do with a £35 per month contract. As a 'Valued' mcustomer they offered me a measily 10% off all cals which equates for me to around 25p per month.

    I'm off to o2 simplicity - £25 per month, unlocked Iphone, and unlimited Data (which Orange charge a fortune for)

    I've been with Orange for the best part of ten years, and every year they offer you a turd on a plate and expect you to eat it.
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